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November 25, 2012
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Jack had just dropped you off at your bedroom,
"You should get some sleep" he said in a calm and heart filling voice.
Keeping in mind it was the middle of the night. You got into your bed and he tucked you in, kissed you on the forehead and climbed out the window but he closed it he added,
"See you again soon."
You were excited to hear this because you definitely knew that you WERE going to see him again. You were struggling to get asleep because you were too excited and full of joy. The experience was just too much to take in. Around 5am you eventually got into a deep sleep. The next morning you woke, Saturday at last. You immediately jump out of your bed and run to the window. As you pulled back the curtain you were almost blinded by the snow as the sun shone on it, making it sparkle. This reminded you of Jack, His pure white hair and his sparkling blue eyes. It was 10 o'clock an you wanted to get outside and play in the snow, so you ran to you wardrobe and picked out a t-shirt, a pair of trousers, and a jumper. Dressed, you  ran down the stairs so fast that you nearly trip and fall down them. Your mum was already awake, reading the newspaper and sipping on her tea at the same time.
"What are you so desperate for?"
You were shocked that she was even asking,
"Isn't it obvious" you reply back pointing to the window,

You unlocked the door opening it slightly. This was too good to be true. You knew that as soon as you place your foot upon the snow you would hear that irresistible CRUNCH. You didn't have time for that, you just ran onto the snow making snow angels and starting to build snowmen. But something stopped you doing this as a snowball hits you in the back of the head. The excess snow had melted and had ran down your back giving you chills and making you spasm. Who was it? You didn't know but you had an idea who it was, but there was no-one to be seen. Spinning round in circles there was still no-one to be seen so you decide to climb up the tree. It was slippery from all the ice and snow but you could handle it. You climbed up high enough that you couldn't see the ground, still no-one was in your eyesight. You couldn't move any further because your leg was trapped between two branches making you slip and fall.
"AHH!!" you scream,
Falling from a height, you thought you were going to have severe back injury, but something prevented you from having that. You landed on, what felt like two very strong arms. The next thing you hear got your heart pounding,
It was Jack Frost.
"You really are clumsy" Putting you back on your feet.
"Me, no, it was just....really.....slippy up there" You explained.
He gave you this suspicious look.
"Did you throw a snowball at me?"
"Maybe" He blushed.
You immediately pick up some snow from behind you, Jack not noticing you. Scrumpling it into a ball, he turned back round and you threw it right in his face. He stood for a wee while taking in what just happened. Wiping the snow off his face he looked angry.
The next thing you see is him flying towards you. Grabbing your hands, he lifts you up in the air, dangling you over all the the houses.
"Okay" he says with an evil look on his face.
He drops you. Falling through the air you scream. As you get closer to the ground you start to panic.  Just a few centimetres away he grabs your feet leaving you upside down and just about touching the ground. He lies you down on the ground. Laughing hysterically.
"You should've seen your face!" he says as he laughs on.
You walk off in a huff, leaving him to laugh. He see's you walking off and runs after you.
"Aww, I'm sorry, please forgive me"
It was impossible not to,
"Fine!" you say in a moany voice. He hugs you rubbing your back.
"I still got you in the face though" you smug.
He looked at you giving this suspicious look. You realize he had a snowball in his hand and ran away. You spend the rest of your day playing with Jack Frost in the snow.
Continuation <3
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