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November 24, 2012
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The last thing you remember that night was tucking yourself into bed and closing your eyes. You trail away into your little dreamworld of yours, dreaming of all the things you wanted. Later that night you woke for some strange reason, feeling as cold as ever, not to mention the fact that it was winter. You decide to have a walk about in your room turning your light on. You looked out you window and, to your surprise, the window was covered in frost. You opened your window to look outside and the whole street was covered in a thick layer and pure white snow.

"Wow" You said in amazement, as you remembered that only just yesterday it was clear and empty.

"You like my work?" said a voice who you don't seem to recognize.

You banged your head against the window as you jumped at the sound of his smooth and comforting voice.

"Careful" he said, chuckling.

"Where are you?  And who are you?" As you rub your head and popping back into your bedroom. You had plenty more questions to ask but they were the main things you wanted to know.

A boy's head popped up at the window slowly revealing himself. His big blue eyes and his pure, white spiky hair had you hypnotized. He came in through the window and was standing in your room. You got a full look at him. He had a blue jumper, with little designs of frost round his neck and his hood going down his sleeves. He had leather slacks that were ripped just above his ankles. He was so skinny. He was also holding this strange staff sort of thing, looked like a big long stick with a 'G' shape at the end of it. He seemed slightly familiar.

He finally broke the silence.

"Nice room" he said

You weren't quite sure what to say next. He hadn't told you his name or how he was able to get as high as your room and get in through your bedroom window.

"I'm Jack" he finally said "Jack Frost"

You remember a 'Jack Frost' in your life before but you can't recall, but  then something in your mind finally clicked. You remembered how your mum used to tell you stories about 'Jack Frost' when you were younger and how he controlled the winter weather and caused mischief.

"Jack Frost?!  Th-the actual Jack Frost?!  How is that possible? I thought you were just a myth?!"

"Who said I was a myth" he chuckled, looking a bit shocked

"M-my mum" you whispered

He walked a bit closer to you, overlooking you. He had a smug look on his face, then he finally whispered,

"Tell your mum she's wrong"

You stared into his big, sky-blue eyes, being mesmerized, forgetting everything he just said. You blink a couple of times remembering that you WERE looking at him. He turned round and started walking towards your window.

"Wait!" you called. "Prove it, prove that your the real Jack Frost, the one that I know"

Jack stood still. He turned his head looking at you. Yet again he came closer to you. He grabbed your wrists, feeling his ice cold skin, then your hands sink into his. He pulled you over to the window, jumping on top of the mantelpiece.

"W-w-wait" you said. "What are you planning to do?" seeming a bit worried.

"You'll see" he replied with a cheeky grin.

He pulled you out of your window but you immediately grab onto the first thing you see when your outside. Standing on the outer ledge still holding his hand, you look down then you look back up at him who was already in the air and flying.

"Aw, you scared?" he said in a sarcastic, baby voice. But then he saw your worried  looking face and came closer to you. He hugged you, trying to reassure you.

"Don't worry, I'm an expert" he whispered into your ear.

Grinning, he grabbed your waist, then he slowly, but surely, lifted you up and started to fly away from your bedroom. You couldn't believe what you were seeing and feeling. Seeing all the neighboring house fly past you and also feeling his smooth but cold skin. You had noticed that he hadn't asked your name, you too scared scared to say.

"There you go!" he said in a comforting voice.

He landed in a forest with plenty of tall trees and small rivers. He dropped you beside a small flowing river.  Jack let go of you and walked over to the river.

"Watch" he said.

He then touched the top layer of the water with his staff and the river slowly started to turn into clear ice. Your eyes widened in shock. He started to laugh at the look on your face.

"Woah" you breathed.
"Do you believe me now?"
"I already believed when we started flying"

He chuckled. But there was still something stuck in his head

"You don't remember do you?" he said walking towards you with his staff resting on his shoulder.

"Remember what?" you said suspiciously

"These woods, the river, the snow"

You suddenly remembered what he was talking about, it was like someone hitting you in the head and remembering every single second of your life.

"Oh my god" you manage to breathe out. "How could I have forgot, you were there, in the forest, when I got lost, you helped me get home." you said.

"But then you forgot all about me, moved house never saw me again" he had a sad look on his face, looking down at the snow

You walk over to him, giving him a hug. The pure joy you feel when he hugs you back even tighter.

"I'll never, ever forget about you again"

He looks at you, foreheads touching, he goes in and gives you a kiss.
Saw a couple of X readers and wanted to make oe of my own, so here it is!
enjoy :)
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